Hey there!

My name is Kaïa Kirkbride, and I am a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Portland where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

You should know, I am passionate about three things: Pattern, Fashion, and Photography.

Pattern. It is a key element of my design. I see patterns everywhere in the world around me; in nature, in the repetitive qualities of the industrial world. I love how a pattern can add detail, depth, and texture to a design. A simple design can become more sophisticated through the use of even the most basic pattern.

Fashion. Clothing is, simply put, wearable art. You are your own canvas and the clothing & accessories you choose to put on are the paint. I love the more tangible sense of creativity that goes into fashion and creating the perfect “look”.

Photography. I am constantly searching for ways to incorporate photos into my design work. I am also always on the hunt for new photography techniques and styles to try out. I love the instant creative gratification that taking a photo can have. Photos are also an effective way for me to describe how I see the world, to those around me.