The Car Corridor Show & Carnival

Promotional Collateral. The Corridor Show & Carnival needed collateral that was playful but clean, and spoke to children. A bright color palette and hand-drawn style that spoke to children was used to create a set of promotional materials.

The Invitation & Mailer. An invitation that would be sent to potential sponsors and donors was created in an interactive carnival style. A wheel can be spun to reveal information about the event in a playful way. The mailer for the families of the Corridor Elementary School on the other hand used a fun carnival ornamentation to make it visually interesting.

The App. An app that provides information for visitors was created to be used during the event. The app also includes a car trivia game that aims to make the car show more kid friendly.

The Coloring Book. A coloring book was created as an educational but creative take-away item that children could interact with post event.

  • Project Category: Event Promotion, Print Collateral, Handmade Illustration & Mixed Media